15 Simple Meal Ideas To Start Your Clean Eating Journey (Part II)

Simple meal ideas that are easy to prepare are available for you when you want to start eating clean. The most important thing to remember is to go for whole foods in their natural state, and minimize on processed foods as much as possible. Adding on to this, you can make them as stylish as you would like to with a blend of your cooking skills to bring out the whole savory taste.

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Simple Meal Ideas

Consider these simple meal ideas to begin your clean eating journey.

  1. Quinoa Salad with Asparagus, Dates and Oranges

This is a simple recipe that you can prepare in under 20 minutes. Packed with protein and all the essential amino acids. Rich in fiber, the whole grain quinoa is the perfect source with 5 grams of fiber per cup. This can also be eaten as a side dish salad.

  1. Carrot soup with yogurt

Soups are a permanent mainstay when it comes to clean eating. Carrot soup with yogurt is your perfect blend that is delicious, tasty and refreshing. This rich and creamy soup gives a smooth velvety richness which makes yogurt a perfect substitute for butter.

  1. Grilled chicken and vegetable quesadillas with tomatillo sauce

With lots of veggies and tomatillo sauce, this recipe is tasty and refreshing. Try it out!

  1. Oven fried sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, and potassium (not to mention fiber and complex carbohydrates) making them a better choice than white potatoes in most cases. By oven frying sweet potatoes, you cut out the calories and unhealthy fat, but still maintain their crispiness.

  1. Salmon and broccoli with tangy lemon sauce

Super easy and super-fast to make, this recipe is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are a type of healthy fats, rich in protein and excellent in reducing inflammation. If you find yourself pressed for time, just prepare this and you will not miss anything. It is also rich in fiber with the broccoli and the lemon sauce for a contrasting sweet taste.

  1. Carrot cake oatmeal cookies

This dessert is rich and nutritious. You can use it for the perfect aftertaste when the party is over or after dinner. The oatmeal is high in fiber. This recipe is rich in minerals such as potassium and vitamins.

  1. Arugula, grape and sunflower seed salad

This super clean salad highlights a number of fresh foods. All of them are nutritious, fresh, and whole foods. It provides a wonderful flavor experience with spicy arugula, the sweetness of the grapes, and the salty, nutty flavor of sunflower seeds. Even though it is a salad, it is very filling and packed full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body.

  1. Vanilla almond chia breakfast pudding

This wholesome breakfast option is a combination of healthy colors that provide you with nutrients and vitamins to jump start your day. The chia seeds will give you energy and act as an antioxidant at the same time. It also contains omega-3s, calcium and fiber. You will feel energized and inspired throughout your day with this recipe.

  1. Roasted Shrimp and Broccoli

This dinner recipe is quick and easy to prepare, requiring only fifteen minutes of your time. Once ready, it is packed with proteins and vitamins which ensures cleaning.

  1. Vegetable hash with poached eggs.

This vegetable hash can be your perfect replacement for a meatless recipe instead of pizzas or pasta. It’s easy and fast to prepare.

  1. Delicious Tenderloin Steak with Marmalade Made of Red Onions

Containing simple, quality, flavorful ingredients, this recipe is packed with nutrients for clean eating. The steak is broiled to remove excess fat, and topped with delicious onions that bring a sweet punch. This meal is extremely satisfying and helps you build solid muscle, while maintaining glucose levels.

  1. Tuna Scaloppini with onion, mint and almond topping

Once in awhile, it is recommended that you should eat a variety of seafood. This recipe and its combination consist of clean eating ingredients which are healthy for you. Tuna provides you with healthy fats such as omega-3 which acts as an antioxidant and also very rich in protein. Topped with a mixture of onions, mint, and heart-healthy almonds this recipe is savory and tasty.

  1. Lemony chicken kebabs with tomato-parsley salad

When wanting to eat clean, it is important to have a recipe with few, simple ingredients to keep you on track. This lemony chicken kebab with tomato-parsley salad is perfect for an afternoon meal and consists of just six ingredients. To begin with, marinate the chicken in the morning to make things easier in the afternoon. This meal is rich in fiber and protein. It will also make you feel satisfied.

  1. Greek Salad with Pita Croutons

This salad will lighten up your lunch with its rich ingredients which act as anti-cancer compounds, and anti-inflammatory. It has olives which is a great source of healthy fats. This can also be combined with whole grain bread or gluten free bread (if you’re gluten intolerant like I am).

  1. Kale, Quinoa and Cherry Salad

This can be prepared in a larger batch for a quick grab and go lunch to take to work. It is refreshing and will power you through your afternoons.

These clean eating recipes will certainly provide you with a new dimension when choosing the right food options. Packed with nutrients, proteins, vitamins and fiber. And they are simple! Choose to eat clean today, and enjoy all the benefits of staying healthy with these recipes that will make your cooking experience unforgettable.

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