5 Reasons Why You Should Transition To A Plant Based Diet

plant based diet

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If you haven’t already read my post on my own transition to a plant based diet, click here. I am now into my third week on a plant based diet. Let me tell you, it does get easier.

Plant Based Diet Journey

Here’s a synopsis of my plant based diet journey to date.

  • Week 1: This was the most difficult week in terms of cravings. I had cravings for meat! I thought about having a nice juicy steak or a beef burger, although I knew I wouldn’t be able to break down the meat and then would have an upset stomach. Also, I had difficulties with figuring out what to eat. Since I am on a strength training program, I need to get adequate amounts of protein. I struggled with this.
  • Week 2: This week was a little easier … I no longer had any cravings for meat. I made tons of grain bowls. (Check out my grain bowl recipe here.) I finally figured out what foods were high in protein such as brown rice, quinoa, peas, beans, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. and then started mixing these with greens/veggies, sprouts, and potatoes/sweet potatoes. It made for quite a filling meal and was also very delicious. Hence why I probably no longer had the cravings.

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I also made sure I had at minimum one serving of fruit each day. In addition, I mixed Spirulina Powder with water and drank it each morning. Spirulina has so many nutritional benefits including being high in protein! So I was winning first thing in the morning!

Plant based diet

Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

Although I do see some benefits from a plant based diet in my short two weeks journey, there are many others in the list below.

5 Incredible Health Benefits

  1. Heart Health

    Plants contain no cholesterol. Therefore, being on a plant based diet is the best way to lower cholesterol levels. Plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds may actually lower levels of cholesterol and heart disease. The higher servings of fruits and veggies that you consume in a day, the lower your chances of heart diseases.

  2. Digestion

    Fruits and veggies are high in fiber and fiber keeps you “regular”. Us ladies know that we could use some help in this area. I am not shy to admit that I had issues going on a regular basis. However, after being on a plant based diet, most days I go twice!

  3. Weight Loss

    Most fruits, veggies, and legumes are lower in calories than meat products. Therefore, if consuming the same amounts of calories, you get more food on a plant based diet. You will feel fuller for longer since it’s higher in fiber. From my plant based diet journey thus far, I’ve lost one pound a week even though I had no intentions of wanting to lose weight. I have eaten until I’m full and have also snacked throughout the day.

  4. Energy

    With a plant based diet, you will find your energy is higher. You won’t have the afternoon ‘crashes’ too. I, for one, can attest to this. I’ve noticed that my energy levels have been pretty consistent. I don’t get the afternoon downs and I don’t get the sleepy, tiredness after my meals.

  5. Skin

    Did you know that most animal products are higher in saturated fat? And saturated fat are one of the culprits for clogging pores. Also, there are so many vitamins and phytonutrients found in fruits and veggies that contribute to healthy, glowy skin. For example, lycopene found in tomatoes helps protect your skin from sun damage. Moreover, vitamin C in fruits as well as in sweet potatoes help with the production of collagen which gives you smoothe, wrinkle free skin.

Now are you ready to transition over to a plant based diet?

Stay tuned for some plant based recipe ideas! Make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss it!

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  • Reply Katie

    This is a great post! I have recently switched to a vegetarian diet which has been the absolute best thing I have done for my body in a long time, and I am beginning to do some research on switching to a completely plant based diet. Your tips definitely help sway me more.

    July 31, 2017 at 8:34 pm
    • Reply AP Power Fit

      I’m glad you liked it. Yes, it was difficult for me at first, but now that I have a better idea of which foods will provide me with all my macronutrients it’s no longer a struggle. I have plant based recipe ideas coming soon! 🙂

      July 31, 2017 at 11:24 pm

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