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Cellulite – The Secret to it’s Disappearance


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Cellulite is the dimples you see on your skin, especially around the thigh area (although it can occur in any part of the body). Unfortunately for us, it affects more females than males. The causes can be hormonal, genetic, metabolic changes, or dietary. There are non-invasive procedures to treat it. However, most of the creams that claim to get rid of it does nothing but puts money in the company’s pockets.

I’ve had cellulite and it became more noticeable with age since collagen generation decreases with age. However, currently, the appearance of it on my thigh is gone.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is the fat deposits below the skin. In order to decrease the visibility of the cellulite, you must increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat mass. However, even at a low body fat percentage of 20%, especially for a female, I still saw cellulite on the back of my thighs. The solution? Strength training! After I got into powerlifting, the cellulite in my legs are now barely noticeable. And I’ve only been into strength training consistently for 6 months now. Any type of strength training program, targeting the area where you have cellulite is ideal. This does not mean you can rule out cardio completely. To lower body fat percentage, a combination of both strength training and cardio must be incorporated together along with a balanced diet.

Moreover, lifting weights increases blood and lymph circulation. It will stimulate blood flow and lymph movement and drainage which will help your body eliminate toxins. Another advantage of weight training is an increase in muscle size which will give you a fuller, smoother look.

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