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My Fitness Journey

fitness journey

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I’ve been relatively active for most of my life. I played several sports in school and several more recreationally throughout my adult life. I’ve been a member at several gyms and fitness classes (Orangetheory Fitness).  I own a fancy ass road bike, had a home gym equipped with treadmill, indoor cycle bike, Bowflex, free weights, etc. I ran 10.25 kms in an hour and 12 mins (avg pace 7’07″/km — whatever that means) for fun — “10.25 kms” so random, yes I know, but that was one of my logged runs with stats.

What I’m trying to get at is that I’m not new to fitness. And although I’ve dabbled with strength training, ie bicep curls, shoulder press, etc. (bodybuilding type exercises), I’ve never been consistent with it. And I’ve never really powerlifted…I’ve tried doing squats on the smith machine and that hurt my back – haha!

My Fitness Journey

So when I got serious (for the millionth time) and joined (yet another) gym, the membership advisor informed me that I am “entitled” to a free “Executive Fitness Consultation” (I had to write that in a fancy cursive since it sounded soooo bourgee). She also asked if there was anything specific I wanted to focus on and without even thinking, I said “Powerlifting”. Needless to say she was a bit shocked since she responded with, “that’s not a usual request for a female”. What does she know??!?

From then on, I signed up for personal training sessions to learn the art of powerlifting. Yes, it sure is an “art”; there are so many elements to it. And please don’t confuse powerlifting with (olympic) weightlifting, they are similar in some aspects, but consists of different main lifts. Powerlifting consists of 3 main lifts: (1) deadlifts, (2) squats, and (3) bench press, whereas weightlifting consists of the snatch and the clean and jerk.

Click here to see my transformation pics before I started powerlifting and after a few months powerlifting.

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