How Music Affects Our Mood

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When we listen to music, how does music affect our mood? As a teenager, I used to have to listen to music in order to fall asleep. I had so much ‘noise’ in my head that music was the only way for me to stop or distract those thoughts. So every night, I’d have earbuds in my ears with the music blasting. Today, thinking back, it was probably not the best for my hearing to be blasting the music with earbuds. Well, I guess we live and learn…probably too late for the lesson though.

How Music Affects Our Mood?

Have you ever thought about how much music is a part of our lives? Do you listen to music while in your car? how about when you’re working out? Or even while you’re going for a stroll?

For a lot of us, music is part of our every day lives. And there are different ways that music affects our mood.

music and mood

6 Ways Music Affects Our Mood:

  1. Relaxed
    Do you listen to music to help calm you? Going back to my teenage years, it helped me fall asleep at night. No matter what type of music was playing, whether it was rock, pop, blues, or jazz, it made me relaxed so that I could fall asleep.
  2. Energize
    Alternatively, like most of us, we listen to music to get us pumping throughout our workouts. The energy of the music impacts our own energy. Have you ever been in a cardio class without music playing in the background?? That would be weird, right?
  3. Happiness
    When a song you like starts playing, does it bring a smile to your face and then you start pretending you’re a rock star and your former karaoke star takes over? Your head starts bopping and you just can’t help yourself? Your inner diva takes over? Music is definitely a mood enhancer…even when you had a bad day, it can change your mood instantly.
  4. Sadness
    And on the other spectrum, it can also bring sadness. Some songs, tend to trigger memories or something sad that happened in your life. This does not have to be a bad thing, however, since it evokes memories and stimulating the brain. It can also help release pent up emotions. And after the song finishes, there’s a feeling of relief.
  5. Anxiety
    Music has also been a treatment for reducing the pain of anxiety. It can be used as a distraction mechanism. Publications and studies by the University of Minnesota’s Academic Health Center found that music reduced anxiety for patients who are critically ill and needed assistance from a mechanical ventilator to breathe.
  6. Stress
    Music has been found to have a profound effect on emotions as well as the body. Music has been found to change the brain functioning to the same extent as when taking medication. (Stanford University Press Release 2006). It can have a deep relaxing effect on our minds and bodies.

How You Can Change Your Mood With Music

Now that we know how music affects our mood, let’s see how we can implement some of these benefits.

  1. Sing
    Bring out your alter ego (aka Sasha Fierce – Beyonce’s alter ego) and own that stage!
  2. Chant
    Drop a few chants when you think no one’s looking while sitting in traffic!
  3. Dance
    Have a Tom Cruise moment (aka Risky Business — dress shirt, socks and no pants dance off).
  4. Play an Instrument
    Yup, you read that correctly. Playing an instrument can also positively impact your mood! So go ahead and get that electric guitar or ukulele that you dreamt about playing the night before. (And btw, Alesis at is available for all your musical instrument needs, if you want to check them out.)

What’s your favorite go to tunes when you need an uplifting mood boost?

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