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Transformation Pics

transformation pics

Most people (probably more females) are afraid to lift weights; afraid that they’ll get “bulky”. And I’m sure you’ve heard it several times being said that there is no way a female can get bulky by lifting weights since we don’t generate enough testosterone. In my opinion, that is somewhat true, but if done correctly we can see results as per the transformation pics below.

My Journey

In my recent experience, I’ve noticed my muscles have gotten bigger than they were 6 months ago. When you workout (ie. strength train) your muscles breakdown (rips and tears). When you recover (ie. during sleep/rest and with proper nutrition) the damaged muscle fibers fuses together to form new, bigger muscle strands. BUT it’s not as easy as that or else we’d all be walking around like the Hulk. How much weight we use, how many reps/sets, nutrition and rest all play a part in how much muscle you can build. I’ve come to realize that it is a science to find the right ‘formula’…ugh, so frustrating (more on this in a future post)!

Now getting back to the point about females getting big from weight training. We can! Let me explain. If we continue to weight train and eat whatever the crap we wanted (aka “dirty bulk”), we will definitely get big. Consuming protein supports muscle growth and consuming any type of food supports growth period! Therefore, you may not be lean and “cut” but you’ll definitely be strong and big! (6 months ago, I was clueless to this “science of powerlifting/strength training”.)

We’ll get into all the nitty gritty in future posts, in the meantime, let’s take a look at some transformation pics.

Transformation Pics


Transformation pic

July 2016

Transformation Pics

July 2016

These transformation pics were taken in 2016 (approx 6 months prior to me starting powerlifting). As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a fairly active person. During this time, I was cycling about 2x per week and doing some (very little) weight training. Here’s me thinking all that cardio is making me buff (facepalm lol!).


transformation pic

Transformation Pics

Mar 2017

Building muscle takes a loooooong time (that’s part of the frustration) and to see these changes within 6 months makes me so happy and so pumped for what’s to come!

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