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Womens athletic wear

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I preach about living a healthy lifestyle. A part of that includes purchases…yes, I’m telling you to go out and get that top/pants that you’ve been wanting! It’s all about moderation. We could give up something in place of something else. So forego your daily $5 java and put that money into saving for that top/pants.

Womens Athletic Wear

Now let’s talk about womens athletic wear for a moment. Do you have a  favorite brand? Have you heard of Lululemon? And would you pay $120 on a pair of workout tights or $50-60 for a simple tank top? What if I tell you that you can get Lululemon tights and tanks for approximately half off?

I’ve tried many brands of athletic wear, from “no name” brands found at Marshall’s or Winners to Old Navy and Joe Fresh sports wear to big sports brands like Nike and Under Armour. But as much as I try to find deals on other brands, I still love the fit along with the look! Lululemon is probably one of the most popular amongst women for athletic wear as well as athleisure wear. Even with the hefty price tag, we all still love the fit and feel of their clothing for yoga, running, training and probably most importantly, for lounging.

How Much Would You Pay

Most of my Lululemon tights cost approximately $60 CAD. Some of you may think that this is still a lot to pay for workout tights, but compared to their regular price of $120+ this isn’t too bad! Moreover, I usually pay $30-$40 CAD for Lululemon tanks and tops.

How To Score Lululemon Products At A Discount

Online – Website

The discounts can be found either online or in store. Lululemon has a section online called “We Made Too Much” which is their “sale” products. These are usually at a pretty good discount, so keep an eye out here to find that top you’ve been wanting.

Outlet Stores

Also, did you know that they have outlet stores?? Yes! And the selections at these stores are pretty incredible! Here you’ll usually find tights (all types) for $60 CAD. Moreover, they have daily promotions that may score you even bigger savings. For example, buy any 3 shorts, tanks or t-shirts for $90. This is $30 a piece which includes men, women and kids so you can mix them up. I’ve also scored mens athleisure shorts for $12 USD! Now that’s a steal!

Recent Finds

Here are some of my recent finds, all of which were purchased for $30 CAD:

Both of these tops are still available at full price online and in regular retail stores. The only difference is the colour selection.

What were some of your recent finds at great prices?

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